How the Cleanliness of Your Surroundings Can Impact Your Health

How the Cleanliness of Your Surroundings Can Impact Your Health

You may have heard the phrase that cleanliness is next to godliness. While that idea is a bit outdated, the point it is making is still extremely important. Cleanliness sits at the heart of maintaining a healthy and balanced mind and life.

This might sound like nothing more than metaphorical wellness advice that is based on science or reality. But you might be shocked to learn that the cleanliness of your surroundings does have a direct impact on your health. Not just your physical health but your mental health too.

But how? Today we are going to break down just how the sanitation conditions of your surroundings impact you and also offer you some tips and tricks to keep on top of your cleaning.

  • The Physical Risks of Dirt

The most obvious effect dirty surroundings can have on you is making you sick. Dirty surroundings are a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. Especially environments where food is prepared or animals are present. Dirty plates. Uncleaned litter trays. Crumbs of food. These are the main culprits and can lead to a number of nasty conditions including diarrhea, kidney infections, flues, and colds.

The good news is, it is very easy to avoid these issues by cleaning up after yourself and your pets as you go. Wash your dishes immediately after use. Empty litter trays right after your pet have used them. Sweep and vacuum your floors regularly.

Having a messy environment also presents physical risks beyond illness. A lot of household accidents are caused by someone slipping over toys or clothes that have been left out. It is vital that you keep your stairways clear at all times. You don’t want to take a nasty tumble.

  • The Mental Health Issues of Mess

It might seem silly to think that the state of your surroundings can affect your mental health. But think about how happy you get when you see a beautiful vista. Or how you smile at a sunrise. Our surroundings constantly affect our mood. So it makes sense that a messy house or room will have an adverse effect on your mood.

One of the symptoms of depression is the inability to keep a room clean. Executive dysfunction makes cleaning difficult and the knock-on effect is the dirt that piles up makes the issue worse. Our mind responds to visual stimuli. So seeing mess or dirt is confusing to it. It impacts it negatively. Whereas a clean and ordered environment has the same effect on our minds. It cleans and orders it.

  • How to Combat Cleaning Effectively

If you struggle to keep your surroundings clear because of executive dysfunction linked to mental health issues then we have a few suggestions. Firstly we suggest you break down the cleaning tasks into smaller, more manageable tasks. Make a note of everything that needs doing and tackle the smaller tasks first. Maybe wash a couple of dishes rather than all of them.

You might also want to consider paying for a professional cleaning service. This is especially useful if there is a lot of stuff that needs cleaning. Companies like CityM will usually do a deep clean, which involves getting into areas that most people often forget to clean such as inside ovens or underneath fridges. And they often provide you with a lot of useful advice on how to keep your house clean after they have left.

You might also consider simply asking for help from friends or family. There is no shame in asking for help. It is a sign of strength. And you can make the cleaning into a fun group activity.

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